web services

From $250 custom web designs for sites, including search engine optimization (SEO) features.

FREE small site hosting for up to one year (doesn't include SSL certs and bandwidth limits may apply).

$50/yr web hosting and site maintenance, with 99.9% uptime, cPanel, email, and feature rich software.

Consultation for logos, SEO, web design, integration, marketing, etc.

We have extensive contacts for larger projects to include in-house network support or application solutions.

Only use green hosting Green Hosting

idea services

Simple and powerful idea generation techniques to produce new products and services.

Variety of solution advancement methods for current problems or to expand existing products and services.

Experience in improving how to sell products and service from in-person to over the internet sales and marketing.

Idea services often offered at no-to-minimal cost because we love the creative process.

Detailed nondisclosure statements available if desired.

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Premium creative input

No idea is too small or large

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