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We give you the opportunity to establish a web presence on a budget. We are niche web development, hosting, service, and innovation provider for small/personal businesses.

Costs start at $250 for a custom web site and $50/yr for hosting. Due to new and powerful free open-source web products developers should pass savings to clients but often do not and charge $100-$300 per hr. We can do it for much less!

Our primary work experiences include small rapid custom web solutions. We also like to discuss innovative product/service advancement options at little to no charge.

We have advanced college education in Computer Science, Business, Accounting, and Medicine so we can develop solutions and relate to a variety of fields.

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Don't miss this opportunity to contact us and see how we can design a site or advance your product/service. We also have a number of local partners who we can refer you to as needed.

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Location: Beavercreek,Ohio
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